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Jambalaya and “Disneyland” Cornbread

Yes, I probably should have made this for Mardi Gras, but I didn’t think of it in time. Besides, there’s absolutely no reason not to eat Cajun food every chance you get! The jambalaya recipe is adapted from Gulf Coast Cooking by … Continue reading

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Project of the Day: Easy DIY Birdfeeders

I’ve been meaning to try this since I ran across the idea on Pinterest. It’s simple, so it’s a great project to do with kids, and, aside from the birdseed, you probably have all the supplies on hand already. It … Continue reading

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Lazy Dinner: Soy-Orange Beef with Rice (and Other Variations)

Sometimes you want something really yummy for dinner but don’t want to put much effort into it. My go-to in those situations (if I’m not in the mood for pasta or takeout) is to just throw something in a pan … Continue reading

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A Few Things I Need to Get Off My Chest

Because I just can’t deal with this ignorant shit anymore. WHY are we still debating evolution?? WHY do people think that the recent snowfall in the South was fake and engineered by Obama/the NSA and contained nanobots or “chemtrails” and … Continue reading

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